A Tale of Separation

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     A Tale of Separation, at surface level, is a piece that manipulates a compositional idea of unison and division in terms of pitch. For example, the Violin I, II, and Viola section may be playing a single pitch, only to then momentarily split off (and perhaps return to that previously unified pitch shortly thereafter). It's a simple concept, but one to which I wanted to dedicate an entire piece.


     One of the greatest challenges I have ever faced in life is both beautiful and heartwrenching at the same time. I was engaged to my wife for almost a year upon completing the composition process of this piece. However, she lived nearly 850 miles away. Our relationship began from a distance with occasional weeks or months of physical togetherness through travel. That being said, I wanted to reflect both the beauty and the pain of our engagement. Being in love is a wonderful part of life; yet, being separated for weeks and months on end becomes emotionally tasking.


     A Tale of Separation, at its core, is a piece of music that reflects the bittersweet love Maria and I went through upon each time we saw each other in person during those difficult months. Ultimately, we ended in togetherness through marriage.




Performed by the Temple Youth Prep Orchestra