In Memoriam

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     Marrying into a family with members currently in the army — as well as a few veterans — I felt inspired to write a piece dedicated to everyone affected by war. I strongly admire their courage and loyalty to our country, as well as their militaristic discipline. However, the emotional impacts of war often supersede all other thoughts. War not only kills, but has dreadful repercussions on living veterans’ mental stability. Its destructive nature causes me great anger and sadness; In Memoriam strives to convey those emotions to the audience.


     The piece begins with a call-and-response between somber lines and a somewhat pensive, questioning motive. With a gradual descent, the piece gravitates to stormy material, reflecting my personal rage against aspects of war. Amidst all this, however, maintains a level of militaristic organization through twelve-tone rows. Thinning out, the piece slowly returns to the contemplative matter presented in the beginning.


Performed by Samuel Tarasenko