Kharon's Crypt: Even Death May Die

Piano Collection - Vol. 1

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     The Kharon’s Crypt: Piano Collection, Vol. 1 is the official piano arrangement collection of music from the indie video game, Kharon’s Crypt: Even Death May Die.

     Filled with 13 tracks from the game, this collection takes the retro, 8-bit/16-bit sounds from the game and places them under your fingers. From the spooky main theme (Kharon’s Ascent), to a riveting mini boss battle tune (A Minor Hindrance), and even a short arrangement of Bach’s Agnus Dei from the Mass in B Minor (Temporarily Lost) that functions as the Game Over music, each tune stands on its own, representative of the unique environments found within the game.

     However, you’ll find that the main theme weaves its way into every track. As you practice, see how many times you can discover the main theme within the various tunes (and fugatos) of the soundtrack! Perfect for pianists at an intermediate-to-advanced skill level, this collection is sure to fuel the inner desire to perform more video game music as part of their repertoire.


     Kharon's Crypt is available now on Steam via Early Access. Purchase and play the game today!

Developer's Twitter: @AndromedaINDIE