Love Awakens: for concert band

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“Love is an attempt to change a piece of a

dream-world into a reality."

 - Henry David Thoreau

     When the Mackinac Arts Council asked me to write a piece for the Straits Area Concert Band, I was given a collection of Thoreau’s thoughts, ideas, and philosophies. From musings about family to reflections on nature, Thoreau’s numerous excerpts provided me a great deal of contemplation. However, the above quote stood out amidst the hundreds of others.


     I believe this quote captures the concept of love perfectly. Love is a feeling. Love is also a choice. The verb “to love” is more of an action than a passive emotion. Through Thoreau’s poeticism, the idea of love existing in a dream-world versus reality emphasizes the requirement of action rather than passivity.

     Anyone can dream about someone they love. Anyone can hope, wish, or desire their life to be with another. But it’s only in taking initiative that feelings of love will be given and consequently received. It’s only in taking action that will awaken the love that’s existed solely in dreams.

     Love Awakens is a musical reflection on the idea that love is a
choice. The idea of love can bring about fear. The giving of love can
result in moments of failure. Loving another is never an easy journey. For most everyone, love exists initially as a feeling – or a dream –, becoming ever more present in our lives. We try to love. We fail to love. But ultimately, love triumphs through choice and through commitment. When love is strictly a dream, maintain your effort to transform it into a reality.

(Grade 4)



Recording Performance by

Northern Symphonic Winds in Charlevoix, MI

Tony Manfredonia, Conducting