Rejoice in the Holy Spirit:

for concert band

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     While contemplating the existence of the Holy Spirit, we often think of a dove, or a tongue of fire resting above the heads of Jesus' Mother and apostles on the Feast of Pentecost. But, we also hear in the Nicene Creed that the Holy Spirit is "the Lord, the Giver of Life". Knowing that, the Holy Spirit is so much more than just the moments we read in Scripture at the end of the Easter Season. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Mary. And it's through the Holy Spirit that we find our way to the Lord. We need the Holy Spirit in order to deepen our relationship with Jesus to ultimately understand the truth and knowledge of God.

     When I was commissioned by Beth Vilsmeier of Holy Ghost Preparatory School to write a new concert band piece, commemorating the Holt Center, I was thrilled to learn what the building would include. Filled with a theater, multi-purpose gym, music practice rooms, and more, the Holt Center will allow hundreds of thousands of students to grow in their talents year after year. This is a wonderful opportunity to see God's work in the world around us. With every event, class, or practice that will happen inside these doors, there will be an even greater sense of community, which is a gift from God in itself. I have a strong feeling that the Holy Spirit was at work in speaking to the hearts of everyone who brought this center to life. For that alone, rejoice!

     Rejoice in the Holy Spirit is an uplifting, triumphant piece, meant to evoke both joy and reverence in contemplating the third person of The Trinity. You will hear the ancient, 9th century hymn, Veni Creator Spiritus, as an included theme of the piece. While Veni... is a solemn hymn, I incorporate the material in a way that brings about joy by the end of the piece. Ultimately, I pray that upon listening to (or performing in) Rejoice... you find yourself inspired to open up your heart even deeper to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

(Grade 2.5)



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