S m a l l  C h a n g e,

M a s s i v e  D i f f e r e n c e  2

In April 2016, I launched my first-ever tutorial series, "Small Change, Massive Difference," which used famous, preexisting video game soundtracks to explain various music theory ideas. Demonstrating concepts by slightly altering the original track, audiences felt they understood the music theory more clearly.

Small Change, Massive Difference 2 (submission edition) will incorporate the very same process, except this time the music will come from you! No longer will the videos be about The Legend of Zelda or The Elder Scrolls, but rather, your very own creations.

Small Change,

Massive Difference 

Small Change, Massive Difference is a musical tutorial series designed to help you improve your video game music through transcriptions of

famous video game tracks! Click the link above

to view the original series.

No submissions are being accepted at this time! Thank you for your patience.


Please contact Tony should you be interested in submitting to a future video.

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