Transformation Concerto:

for oboe & orchestra

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     Transformation Concerto: for oboe & orchestra is a piece composed for and dedicated to Jonathan Thompson, a skilled oboist and professor at UNT, who thrives on performing new works. Fascinated by the Chinese Zodiac, he shared with me a story of when he initially thought he was born into the Year of the Snake, but discovered it was truly the Year of the Dragon. Up until that point, he always felt himself living in the bushes as a Snake. Now, he is taking flight as the Dragon he is.

     This concerto, in three movements, is inspired by that idea of transformation: knowing where you once were, accepting the truth, and culminating into where you were always meant to be.

     Right now, you can join the Consortium to bring this piece to life, and have Jonathan Thompson — the premiere Oboist — perform with your orchestra as the featured soloist! One movement is currently composed, and I need your help to bring the other two to life! The link above will send you to the Consortium landing page, where you can find more information about instrumentation, duration, and buy-in cost.

     The first participant in this consortium is Matthew Salvaggio, Music Director and Conductor for the Euclid Symphony Orchestra. Thank you, Matthew!

     Please feel free to peruse the score and listen to the NotePerformer audio to get an idea of the piece's style. Thank you for your support!

NotePerformer Preview


© 2020 by Tony Manfredonia.

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