Through the Tunnels and Back

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     Through the Tunnels and Back is a tone poem at its core. It revolves around a simple, perhaps fantastical concept, of a journey. It begins by being present in the open air full of life, color, and awe. The initial environmental idea is portrayed by a very clear melody that is stated multiple times in the strings, becoming thicker and louder as the opening section progresses. It is immediately stopped short by a heavily contrasting section that focuses more on mischievous and almost devious qualities. Thinking of fantasy or fiction, this section might reflect a squad of goblins or a group of imps that inhabit the mysterious tunnels of this imaginary world.


     Suggested by the title, the piece then returns to the first and primary theme (...and Back) in traditional ternary fashion via new orchestration and a sense of closure. Ultimately, the piece is designed to be nothing but a musical journey, created to provide listeners with sheer musical pleasure as they adventure “...Through the Tunnels and Back.