Battle of the Woodland Creatures

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     Battle of the Woodland Creatures is a musical adventure stemming completely from fictional imagery. As an avid lover of all things magic and fantasy, I wanted to write complementary music to the concept of critters at war with each other. Imagine swashbuckling squirrels at arms against a horde of owls, or perhaps the tree-dwelling swallows are dive bombing a pack of chipmunks.

     Musically, the first section of the piece has a distinct march-like quality, reflecting the militaristic aspect of war (even if it is between rodents, birds, and all things woodland). There are whimsical melodic themes, ensuring that the march maintains some level of eccentricity. The middle section concentrates on the harp, an instrument often associated with mystical forests. I envision the slower tempo of this section emulating both sides of the army recovering from the day's battle, prepping for the combat ahead.  


      As the tempo accelerates, material from the first section returns as a recapitulation, indicating another battle takes place. I aim to reinvigorate your imagination, bringing color to any mental image that appears while listening to the battle ...of the Woodland Creatures.




Performed by the Temple University Composers' Orchestra