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Rose Water is my first commercial concept album as a songwriter, pianist, and vocalist. It chronicles the intense suffering my wife endured during the first four years of our marriage.

Maria's endured depression (Shockwave), chronic illness and parasites (Rose Water), and the loss of her father to suicide (Dusk at DawnHurt). Being a spouse to someone who goes through so much can also take a toll. It requires patience, compassion, and an unbelievable amount of love. Which often takes the form of choice, rather than feeling. I've messed up along the way (In Good and Bad Times), but I've also learned, through her suffering, that nothing helps someone more in situations like this than simply being there and loving them endlessly (Always Love).

The album blends raw, poetic story-telling with the musical styles of alternative, indie, and symphonic rock.

Releases November 6, 2020

Music and Lyrics composed, arranged, produced, and performed by Tony Manfredonia
Music mixed and mastered by Trey Hodge
Guitar ("In Good and Bad Times," "Hurt") by Trey Hodge

Additional production ("In Good and Bad Times") by Trey Hodge

Additional Lyrics ("Dusk at Dawn") written and performed by Maria Manfredonia
Violin ("Dusk at Dawn") by Nat Willow