B i o g r a p h y

Tony is composer and orchestrator for video games and concert halls living in Petoskey, MI. He provides a multi-layered and sensory experience through expressive, colorful orchestration and intricate melodies.


He adds sonic perspectives to stories, environments, and everything in between through massive orchestral productions, as well as intimate atmospheres. Occasionally, he creates work as a singer-songwriter, blending his orchestral expertise with indie rock. Rose Water was his debut album in this style.

Tony's music and orchestrations have been played worldwide, with performances and readings from renowned ensembles such as Apollo Chamber Players, the Traverse Symphony Orchestra. the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra, the University of Cambridge Concert Band, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Much of his sheet music is published through NewMusicShelf and MusicSpoke.

Living the life of a video game composer, Tony constructs sonic spaces and emotionally-driven tracks to enliven each game's world. His most recent, completed soundtracks are that for Kharon's Crypt and The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines. Bridging the gap between “game music” and “contemporary classical music,” he continually strives to have his soundtracks performed, drawing in new audiences to the world of classical music. One example is his Suite from Kharon's Crypt, an orchestral medley of tracks from the Kharon's Crypt soundtrack. Currently, he is working on Call of Saregnar, a 90's CRPG, and two other unannounced video games.

Branching out into various styles, many of his projects involve sacred music: the full, orchestral score for Saint Luke Productions' latest drama, "Tolton: From Slave to Priest," their upcoming film, "Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy," and a Concert Band piece commissioned by Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem PA, "Rejoice in the Holy Spirit." Most recently, the St. Francis High School students in Traverse City performed his "Ave Maria" for SATB Choir and Organ.

Recent awards include Brazosport Symphony Orchestra's Composer Competition, the inaugural Texas A&M University’s Composition Competition and Symposium, Symphony Number One's Fourth Call for Scores as a semi-finalist, and a Merit Award in the Tribeca New Music Young Composer Competition.