O r c h e s t r a t i o n

Orchestration is the act of designating musical elements to various instruments. In doing so, the opportunity arises to hear music in an entirely different light. I offer two different orchestration services for your music:

1.) By providing a score with instrumentation ranging from solo to chamber works, I can orchestrate it to your desired ensemble size! For example, if you have a piece for solo piano and want it amplified to a full symphony orchestra, I will bring it even further to life through various musical colors offered by such a large ensemble. 

2.) If you have MIDI Data (exported from your DAW or Notation software of choice) that you'd like to hear realized through world-renowned sample libraries such as EastWest Hollywood Libraries or Spectrasonic's Omnisphere, I will produce it to your liking. I use this workflow day in and day out when creating his video game soundtracks, as explained in this article for Designing Music Now!

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Orchestration Station